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Why rescue rats are the best: they can be uncertain little souls that, with love and proper handling, enjoy their new friends and home with as much joie de vivre as anyone could have! To see their confidence go from 0 to 90 is thrilling. They may not always be healthy, but they know you're trying to help them. They may not always have been gentle, but they learn when they're shown understanding. They're endearingly cute when they sleep, cuddle and brux. And their antics at playtime makes you shake your head at the nutty things they come up with. Be prepared for a ratty couch throw or slipcover, a couple of IKEA cable protectors running along the wall, and a dog who wonders why her food bowl isn't as full as it used to be. This is a life gone to the rats!

Finding adoptable pets

If you are looking for a pet rat or any kind of small animal, there are always some available if you look in:

Always research a pet - and the place or people you get it from - before getting one.

Please try to get your rats from shelters, people giving up their pets, and ethical breeders (few and far between, but worth the wait and the drive) before resorting to petstores. Buying from petstores encourages what could very well be unethical breeding (which shortens the lives and weakens the health of domestic rats; if you brought a being into this world, wouldn't you want to know with whom it ends up?) and generally poor animal husbandry practices. Pet store employees are often misinformed, and then pass on misinformation to the public about how to care for their domestic animals. My list of good pet stores is here. For research tips or help finding one from an ad, feel free to ask. They are surprisingly simple (and legal!), if you're only willing to ask questions. Ultimately, go with your gut!

A word of caution! There have been reports of people offering wild rodents (pests) for "adoption". There is no clear answer whether these are unintentional accidents made by the uninformed, or whether they are malicious intents. Regardless of what the intentions are, wild rodents are not the same as domesticated pet rodents. Wild rodents carry a wide range of risks that you need to avoid entirely. Resources such as provide in-depth explanations of the risks wild rodents possess. Please make sure you take caution and understand how risk such a situation can be.

LOTS of rats get announced on the Yahoo Groups. Lots of people who know where the "hidden" rescue rats are, are on the list too. There are rats all over the country that that are waiting for homes, so please join! You can also post homeless and home-seeking rats that you know of. Links to many shelters across the country are listed in the Links section of the group. Please join and inquire! Also, we sometimes post rats from the PetFinder Classifieds.